Reflection Journal #4

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14654454757_d68c77d9faThe Wayne State University values are listed below:

  • Collaboration: When we work together, drawing upon various talents and perspectives, we achieve better results.
  • Integrity: We keep our word, live up to our commitments and are accountable to ourselves and each other.
  • Innovation: We are unafraid to try new things and learn by both failure and success.
  • Excellence: We strive for the highest quality outcomes in everything we do.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We value all people and understand that their unique experiences, talents and perspectives make us a stronger organization and better people.

How might these values be represented in writing? Would a writer need to EXPLICITLY talk about them, or would, say, excellent editing count as “excellence”? Do the genres you and your group are studying reflect these values? Is there any tension between these values and the genres you are studying? How does this statement of Wayne State’s ethos square with the genre corpus your group is studying?




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