About this course:

13aba0be7b172c4ff24f2428b9ed59d4Welcome to ENG 1020!!! This class is an introductory college writing class that is designed to engage you as a writer, reader, researcher and reflective thinker. We’ll be doing lots of cool stuff, fun and weird and interesting stuff…but also there is a fair amount of work involved. Rewarding work. The image above is a little joke, but kind of not a joke. Get your game-face on. Get ready to learn and grow. Most of all, get ready to write!

About your instructor:



Hi! My name is Nicole Guinot Varty, and I am your instructor for ENG 1020 here at WSU. If you haven’t realized it already, you will soon learn that I am a total writing-and-reading nerd. I LOVE literacy–talking about it, practicing it, teaching it. I may (or may not) burst into song while welcoming you to class. I may (or may not) make occasional Star Trek references. I may (or may not) pepper a lecture with quotes from The Office. I’m a little weird, a little wild and usually pretty caffeinated. I love what I do, and I love writing. It is my personal goal that you love it–or at least like it–or at least, don’t totally HATE it–by the time our semester is through.

But I promise you, there will ALWAYS be lots of work, discussion and practice with literacy. Reading, Writing, Revising, Communicating. These things are my passion, my bag, my wheelhouse. I’m happy to talk to you about any of them, at pretty much any time (except when I am sleeping, or playing with my adorable toddler or hanging out with my adorable husband…I will not talk you then). But any other time, pretty much. Let’s talk! Let’s work on our writing together! Let’s have fun this semester. 🙂