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Reflection Journal #9

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0a561912ffa84eacf5d19a2ce614f0b5Research Project Self-Assessment

Describe what you’ve been taught about academic research papers (both in our class and outside of/before it). Are there things you can easily take from elsewhere and use here in ENG 1020? In other courses? Are there things that are not a great fit? What are they? If you have written an academic research paper, describe the assignment and the paper you wrote. In the discourse community of Wayne State, what do you think college instructors expect from such papers? What do you think is difficult about writing research papers? What is fun about it?



Monday Class Cancellation!!

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Hey all~

The stomach flu has hit my house, taking me down with it! Thus, in what I am sure will be a heartbreaking move for all of you, I am going to have to cancel class tomorrow [Monday, March 27th].

I have all of your shitty first drafts that you’ve submitted to Blackboard, and as I am able, I will be reading through them and giving you feedback tomorrow and certainly Tuesday. The due-date for Project 3 remains Wednesday (for now), though I have extended the time back until midnight. We will check in during class to see how everyone is doing and how to proceed.

In the meantime, there is still READER REVIEW to accomplish!! Here is your assignment:

  • Whether with a classmate or a person outside of class, have a reader review your Project 3 draft.
  • Make sure you talk to your reader about main concerns you have, and what you feel good about so far.
  • Please have your reader MARK YOUR PAPER (either hand-written or with track-changes), indicating the following:
    • Higher Order Concerns: especially your CLAIM statement
    • Middle Order Concerns: especially your organization of paragraphs, transitions between sub-points, and use of evidence
    • Lower Order Concerns: especially your quote sandwiches with in-text citations, and your Works Cited.

I have created a link under “Assignment Posting” on Blackboard where you can upload your Reader Review draft with comments for your full Reader Review participation points.

*Also, please note that you should post a Reflection Blog (Blog #9) about your drafting process for this project. The prompt is posted to our course site as per usual.

I hope to see you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on WEDNESDAY (and I hope that I am feeling MUCH better by then!).

For now, please enjoy a bit of extra time in your Monday! And, as always, email me with any questions or concerns.



Blog #9 – Reflecting on Your Revision Process

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Please post a brief blog reflecting on your revision process for Project 3. See the prompt below if you need a refresher.

  • What changes did you make from your SFD to your Reader Review draft? Why? How did that revision process go?
  • Look over your Reader Review comments: what things will you take up? What advice will you follow? Why? What things will you not address or change? Why?
  • Reflect on the drafting process so far. What has worked well for you? Any surprises? What do you want to keep working on in your writing process?

Reflection Journal # 8

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Academic Discourse:

At this point, how would you define “academic discourse”? What is it? How do you do it? Thinking about your own writing ecology, is academic discourse something you need in order to inhabit a particular discourse community(ies)? Is it (already? Going to be?) a big part of your writing ecology? Why or why not?


Reflection Journal #7

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Identify and describe the different reading strategies you use to read difficult texts. If you need to use your journal entry to name those strategies for the first time, go ahead and do that. If not, describe the strategies you use and where you got them/how you learned them. Identify a passage from something you’ve read for your research project that you have had a particularly hard time dealing with and describe how you used your strategies to work through the passage.


Resource Site Voting

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Please take a minute to look through the revised Resource Sites:

Savvy Media

The Incredulous Inquirer

Composition Depot

Back to Basics

WSU Writing Source


And VOTE for your favorite:

resource site vote

Secondary Research BEGINS

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Today we begin our Project 3 work with talking about secondary sources and secondary research practices. For the next couple of weeks its all finding, reading and evaluating, sifting through, following leads, letting our search process lead us to clear and interesting arguments.

For our activities today, we’ll need a couple of resources:

today’s mini-lesson–> secondary-research_1_w2017

(below is a list of steps to walk you through the power point)

As you read through the mini-lesson, you’ll notice a reference to Burke’s parlor metaphor  on slide 2. On slide 4, you’ll find the url for an interactive site that will explain the differences between popular and scholarly sources. To practice with this, you can work with the examples below.

Compare this popular source:


vs. this scholarly source:


Slides 5-7 of the power point talk about Wikepedia and Google Scholar (for a tutorial on Google Scholar, check out our Resources page). And then slides 8-14 will walk you through the CRAAP test. On slide 14, you’ll be prompted to practice the CRAAP test on the following websites:

Website # 1

Website # 2

Website # 3

Last but not least, slide 15 presents you with a model for how to write summaries of each source you read. This strategy (the M.E.A.L. plan) will be super useful for your In-Library work next week, as well as for your annotated bibliographies.

Don’t forget to complete the first two parts of the Library Priority Guide (found on the resources page). I will be checking your Guides when we meet in the UGL.