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Peer Mentor “Office Hours”

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Exciting news!!

One of your intrepid peer mentors, Lyric, is going to be holding office hours in the Student Center on WEDNESDAYS from 4pm-6pm each week!! She will either be at Starbucks or on the 7th floor. Stop by if you have any 1020 related questions or just want general guidance from an awesome human being!


Annotation Practice

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7ae0aee2710e5f4961339e31a0d845d2Hey all~

The plan for today is pretty packed…

FIRST–we need to catch up on what we didn’t have time for last week.

SECOND–we’ll talk real briefly about the Anne Lamott chapter you read for today

THIRD–we’ll use the genre samples you brought in to do some practice genre analysis. Here is the activity I’d like you to be working on:

  1. Pull out your Wayne Writer (or partner up with 1 or 2 people who have theirs)
  2. Open to page 71, box 2.1 (called “Guidelines for Analyzing Genres”)
  3. Starting with step # 2 (Identify the Scene, etc.) go through each bullet point, answering the questions for your genre sample that you brought in today. (again, you can do this solo, or in pairs or groups, if you’d like to all work on one sample together…that sometimes helps).
  4. If time allows, move on to steps # 3 and 4 on page 72.

FOURTH–we will end class with a little bit of brainstorming about Claims + Evidence, and writing Reflection Journal 1.



Reflective Journal 1

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Memories of Writing (Journal 1)
In a paragraph or two, describe, in as much detail as you can, your earliest memories of writing. Use these questions to jog your memories: How old were you? Where were you? What kind of technology did you use (cheerios, refrigerator magnets, crayons, keyboard, etc.). What kind of reaction did you get from those around you?

Now, in a follow-up paragraph, write about how your attitude toward writing has changed since that early memory. Have there been any important moments or experiences that have shaped your attitude toward writing (for good or for ill)? Who are you as a writer today? Is that different from the early writer you once were? How so?



Happy First Day!

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Today our task is simple: get started on the Winter 2017 semester. We’ll go over the syllabus, of course, and also introduce Project 1. You’ll work on a brainstorming activity to help you get started thinking about your writing, or literate, ecology.

Here are the instructions for the activity:

  • brainstorm list of writing knowledge:
    • WHAT do you write?
    • WHY do you write it?
    • WHERE do you write it?
    • WHO do you write it for?